FIX Detective - Manage & Monitor FIX Connectivity                          

A solution with a powerful analysis and searching tool giving users unprecedented ability to analyze FIX connections
Use Detective to: 
Chelmer Logo   Provide FIX support staff with an unprecedented control over their FIX monitoring, troubleshooting and service management
Chelmer Logo   Uncover issues before counterparties do
Chelmer Logo   See current state of FIX services in real-time
Chelmer Logo   Recognise issues before they become a problem
Chelmer provide the next generation tool for comprehensive FIX connectivity.
Chelmer Logo   Search / Analyze / Correlate gigabytes of FIX message logs
Chelmer Logo   Monitor the health of your FIX connections
Chelmer Logo   Receive alerts based on user-defined triggers
Chelmer Logo   User friendly view of FIX traffic