FIX Explorer - Powerful FIX Specification Editor
Easily define, manage and communicate your FIX service offering.  FIX Explorer is an intuitive, user‐friendly desktop application.  
Use Explorer to define your FIX Service Offering:
Chelmer Logo   Enhance productivity by saving time and effort
Chelmer Logo   Improve communication
Chelmer Logo   Improve quality of your FIX specification by reducing errors

FIX Explorer is core to the product suite, where the FIX messaging specification can be rapidly defined with the aid of protocol-compliant message templates.
Any changes to the specification feed throughout all other product suite components, especially useful for keeping system and user tests in synch with changes to the spec.
Chelmer Logo   Intuitive, user-friendly interface
Chelmer Logo   Repository of protocol compliant FIX messages to use as the basis for message definitions
Chelmer Logo   Enrich definitions with additional textual descriptions, and even graphical images
Chelmer Logo   Powerful publishing capability to generate documentation and output files to greatly reduce publishing effort
Chelmer Logo   Publish rules of engagement documents, custom data dictionaries, FIX specifications, and custom versions of FIXimate2
Chelmer Logo   Superior FIX message searching capabilities and intuitive views of messages, components, fields, and enumerations