FIX Technician - Complete, Intuitive FIX Testing the easy way
FIX Technician is used to validate the functionality and performance of any FIX service.  FIX Technician provides a comprehensive testing environment ideal for any FIX user - exchanges, sell-side, buy-side, developer, or QA.
Use Technician to:
Chelmer Logo   Validate and test your own FIX service offering, or connect to any FIX counterparty and explore their API
Chelmer Logo   Decrease time to market while increasing quality
Chelmer Logo   Drastically reduce QA costs
Chelmer Logo   Stress test a FIX engine
Chelmer Logo   Replicate and diagnose production issues 
Intuitive Interface
Chelmer Logo   Copy/paste, undo/redo, drag/drop
Chelmer Logo   Parses FIX messages into human readable form
Chelmer Logo   Context aware color coding, filtering of admin messages
Powerful Testing Capabilities
Chelmer Logo   Message templates with an Excel-like macro language
Chelmer Logo   An elegant and expressive test script language
Chelmer Logo   Reads test data from CSV files
Chelmer Logo   Integrates with FIX Explorer for easy access to the FIX specification
Integration with the Enterprise
Chelmer Logo   Integrates with popular continuous build systems and runs test cases in headless mode
Chelmer Logo   Multi-user collaboration
Chelmer Logo   Easily integrates with version control systems