FIX Connectivity

The FIX Implementation Product Suite manages all aspects of a typical FIX implementation from a single application suite.
FIX users can now enjoy significant productivity improvements throughout the FIX service lifecycle
Combine all 4 applications into an integrated product suite:

Chelmer Logo   FIX Explorer - Powerful FIX Specification Editor
       Easily define, Manage and Communicate your FIX service offering

Chelmer Logo   FIX Technician - Complete and Intuitive FIX Testing
        Use to validate the functionality and performance of any FIX service

Chelmer Logo   FIX Detective - Manage and Monitor FIX Connectivity
        Here is the next generation FIX monitoring solution

Chelmer Logo   FIX Conductor - FIX Certification Program and Onboarding                                   
        A complete FIX certification program and onboarding service
Implementations have reported a 50% reduction in project timeframes when using the FIX Product Suite.
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