Our Mission

Chelmer’s Mission is to:

Chelmer Custody and Accounting Be the pre-eminent technology partner to the wealth management industry

Chelmer Custody and Accounting Provide best of breed products and service to our clients, which will enhance their business through competitive advantage

Chelmer Custody and Accounting Engage with all clients as partners, to understand and add value to their business through the delivery of technology and services

Chelmer Custody and Accounting Develop technology that is used to create wealth for society

Chelmer Custody and Accounting Every day in every way – we get a little better



Chelmer’s 2014 Objectives are to:
1. Continual develop our products and services to enable us to:
a. Exceed the needs of our clients through the improvement of existing services and the develop of new functionality to increase revenue
b. Convert NZ Opportunities in Retail Wealth and Custody reporting
c. Position the Chelmer Product Suite for the Australian Market

2. To continual improve our company customer service and partner relationship with a focus on online transparent and real time access to data, projects and service information
3. To provide a work environment that will attract the best people, while ensuring staff turnover is never the result of dissatisfaction with the work environment
4. Improve our financial performance through:
a. Increased revenue
b. Organisational efficiencies - reduced costs