Chelmer supports a number of charities each year that our staff are passionate about.

New Charities are added to a list to be voted on by the staff for support the next year. 

Charities that we're supporting this year are:

Ø   Westpac Rescue Helicopterwww.chopperappeal.co.nz

Ø   Cancer Society - www.cancernz.org.nz

Chelmer also supports Creative Spirit: 

Creative Spirit is a programme designed to boost employment of people with disabilities and is now one of Chelmer's corporate social responsibility programmes, launched in 2013.

While the programme set-up by Fairfax Media was originally focused on businesses in the creative communication space, it is now expanding to businesses beyond the creative sector.

As part of its commitment to the programme, Chelmer has employed one person who works at the Auckland corporate office for 15 hours a week.  Since joining Chelmer in June , this person has had a real impact on staff, shown personal growth and confidence and have become valued team members.

For more information about Creative Spirit please visit www.creativespirit.org.nz